Happy 10th birthday, Hatsune Miku!

Art by CamiIIe from DeviantArt

10 years ago today was the release of Hatsune Miku. I find it incredibly heartwarming seeing so many celebratory tweets getting retweeted on her English Twitter that are full of pure love and adoration for this girl. She’s lent her voice to so many songs and stories, and brought together a creative community like few characters have. I hope to one day create a character of my own who can inspire love & beauty like Miku can.

Obligatory list of favorite Miku songs.

Miraian Fashion

This time, I’d like to show you some outfits I’ve put together in Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX! It’s a bit more limited compared to other dress-up systems I’ve played with – you choose 1 head and 1 outfit (with outfits from other same-gender characters allowed), with some pieces allowing you to freely change 1 color. On the plus side, it’s all in Nendoroid style, which means it’s all very cute. 😀

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Reflections on Zapster Solitaire’s Game Design

With the release of Zapster Solitaire last week (and the bugfix release today), a game I first dreamt up somewhere around age 10 is finally available for the public to enjoy. While it had potential that I think is now being realized, it’s a relic from when I was much less experienced in game design, so it took some tweaking to get there. Modern-me did a lot of playtesting and made some adjustments:

  • The first thing I did was remove cards of rank 10. This nerfed queens a bit and makes it easier to make matches, and also ensured I could fit the draw pile, current draw, trash, and the maximum number of cells into a 4×3 grid.
  • Next came increasing the number of starting cells from 5 to 6. This made the early game less frustrating.
  • Extensive playtesting in Quick mode made me feel overpowered having 3 zaps. 1 zap felt too weak, so I adjusted it to 2.
  • After the above change, further playtesting in Marathon mode made me realize that kid-me had a point when it came to 2-deck play, so I implemented allowing the starting zaps to vary between modes, and brought Marathon back up to 3 zaps.

While I’m largely proud of what the game evolved into, the combination of the first 2 changes above resulted in a new flaw: If you fill all your cells without getting any matches at the start of the game, intuition tells you the next card has a 50% chance of matching. In fact, due to each of your cards having 1 less match in the deck, it’s only 43% in Quick and 47% in Marathon. I’ve been thinking of how I might eliminate that tempting false coin flip – perhaps I’ll increase the starting cells to 7, or remove Aces. I’ll have to do more playtesting and see what works…

A feature I have planned for version 2.0 will let you try out your own adjustments to the game and share them across the Internet, as I have. I look forward to seeing how players change the game further.

Mar 2017 Near-term Website Roadmap

The last time I wrote one of these, it became a handy checklist of things to work on, but got increasingly divorced from reality as my short-term priorities changed. Nonetheless, it’s useful for setting goals and focusing on them, so I’ll give this at least one more go.

Overdue Deliveries (scheduled for this month)

  • New game: Zapster Solitaire v0.8, an original Solitaire game. It’ll use your Superspark Account if you have one.
  • Magic Puddle v3.1: A better mobile experience, plus “Learn more” will be replaced with a much more concise menu.
  • New page: Gaming Profiles, showing where I can be found on Steam and other gaming websites.

Fairies Take Flight (scheduled for April or May)

  • Wacky Bingo v5: pikadudeno1.com’s first Progressive Web App! It’ll finally be a proper Bingo game with square boards, featuring a cute fairy as the hostess.
  • Cookie Hunt v4.1: Mobile-friendly, with a serious-mannered (but still cute) fairy replacing Generic Invisible Text-Spewer as the head honcho. Some text will be rewritten to create a consistent character.
  • The aforementioned fairies will also appear in the pikadudeno1.com site UI to promote these updates, and will occasionally be replaced with other new fairies to promote other new content.

Superspark Groundwork (scheduled for June or July)

  • At least one app will become a Progressive Web App that connects to your Superspark Account. Your account data will be available even when offline.
  • At least one app that either already has or will gain Superspark connectivity will allow logging in or changing users from within the app.
  • Candidates for the above include Signs of Life, Wackyland, Zapster Solitaire, Magic Puddle, and Reverse Metronome.

Things I learned bringing Passwordless to PHP-land

When I wanted my website’s Superspark Accounts to allow users to use their email address to sign in, and my previous method was a discontinued 3rd-party service, Passwordless looked like a fine replacement. The only problem was that it’s a Node.js package, and my site’s backend up until this point had been pure PHP. I got around this by making a RESTful wrapper around Passwordless that my PHP code could communicate with over local HTTP. I got some interesting takeaways from this project I wanted to share.

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New old blog posts

Waaaay back in the spring of 2013, I took a game studies class run by my college’s art department. Part of my coursework was to maintain a blog, which I kept separate from this one. I went through that one and found 3 blog posts worth keeping, so I imported them here with the tag “for game studies class”. As they’re years old, they may not be 100% reflective of my current self, but I like ’em so I’m keeping ’em.