Miraian Fashion

This time, I’d like to show you some outfits I’ve put together in Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX! It’s a bit more limited compared to other dress-up systems I’ve played with – you choose 1 head and 1 outfit (with outfits from other same-gender characters allowed), with some pieces allowing you to freely change 1 color. On the plus side, it’s all in Nendoroid style, which means it’s all very cute. 😀

Miku’s Koneko no Payapaya (color: R 255, G 22, B 255) with Miku’s Electric Love (original color)

Rin’s Electric Angel (color: R 0, G 160, B 160) with Rin’s Reverse Rainbow
Miku’s Kimi no Taion with Rin’s Tricolore Airline
Rin’s Animal Fortune-telling with Rin’s Adolescence (color: R 255, G 255, B 118)
Luka’s Sing&Smile with Luka’s Yukata
Miku’s MiCrystal☆ with Luka’s Animal Fortune-telling
Miku’s Sugar✻Soldier Uniform (color: R 130, G 255, B 255) with Miku’s Swimsuit
Meiko’s Piano✕Forte✕Scandal (original color) with Miku’s Sugar✻Soldier Uniform (original color)

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