Nov 2016 Near-term Website Roadmap

Well, between the daydreaming of all the cool new things I should be able to finish soon, and the Content Update not coming out on time, I think a revised roadmap is in order.

Content Update (coming by November 17)

  • New game: Zapster Solitaire, version 0.8
  • New page: Gaming Profiles
  • NEW: Updates Showcase, an upgrade of NewsWave with a better user experience

Superspark Update (coming by November 23)

  • A bit of rebranding: Instead of a type of game, “Superspark” will refer to the account system. Web Wonders organization will simply be “games” and “non-games”. Future updates will add Superspark features to non-games.
  • As the Persona service will be shutting down, e-mail sign-ins must be changed to become a bit more of a hassle, but other sign-in options will be provided.
  • NEW: Logo Creator v1.1, mobile-friendly and offline-enabled

Fairies Update (coming December or January)

  • Logo Creator v2; changes will include a new fairy icon
  • Wackyland v2; changes will include a new Wacky Theater cartoon with stick figure fairies
  • NEW: Wacky Bingo v4, mobile-friendly and involving fairies somehow
  • Fairies
  • Fairies!

Ungrouped Updates (coming whenever)

  • NEW: Cookie Hunt v5.1, mobile-friendly
  • Revised sharing options; Reddit will be included
  • New Subscribe page, making it easier to follow my creative doings

A few notes on the personal reasons I chose those November dates: November 17 is the day before a local anime/cartoons convention that I want to enjoy guilt-free. November 23 is the day before a big road trip where Internet access will be spotty, so having something of mine work offline, even if it’s just that silly little Logo Creator, will be fun.

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