Near-term Website Roadmap

I don’t talk enough on my blog, especially about my website, so here’s a list of updates coming to in the near future.

Content Update (coming this month or next month)

  • New game: Zapster Solitaire, version 0.8
  • New page: Gaming Profiles

Performance Update (coming this month)

  • The database that keeps Superspark Game save data will be moved to the same hosting service as the website
  • Site access via HTTPS and HTTP/2 will be enabled
  • All HTML/JS/CSS will be compressed (gzipped)

Superspark Update (coming October or November)

  • A bit of rebranding: Instead of a type of game, “Superspark” will refer to the account system. Web Wonders organization will simply be “games” and “non-games”. Future updates will add Superspark features to non-games.
  • As the Persona service will be shutting down, e-mail sign-ins must be changed to become a bit more of a hassle, but other sign-in options will be provided.

Fairies Update (planned for December, may be pushed back)

  • Logo Creator v2; changes will include a new fairy icon
  • Wackyland v2; changes will include a new Wacky Theater cartoon with stick figure fairies
  • Fairies
  • Fairies!

Ungrouped Updates (coming whenever)

  • Revised sharing options; Reddit will be included
  • New Subscribe page, making it easier to follow my creative doings

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