Habits in Free Time

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science last May! While that is cause for celebration, I’m not happy with the effect that the stress of coursework had on me. Humans are creatures of habit, and I got in the habit of using almost all my free time for vegetation and escapism, which is obviously suboptimal both for productivity and fun.

I’ve been reworking my habitual use of free time for more quality of life and creative output. I think I’m doing well on re-establishing Web programming, as evidenced by the release of Deviant Love 2.2. I’d like to work in doodling and keeping in touch with friends. If I also mix in making music, I’ll have all I need to become a great indie game developer! Not going to give up my habitual plushie-cuddling, though; in fact, I might make plushies the heroes of a video game! Hoping the best for myself, and that my future job will have a minimal impact on how I use free time.

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