It’s been a quiet year for my creative works.

Too quiet.


Every month for the rest of the year, college workload permitting, I shall release one creative work from the following list. Items marked with an asterisk are closest to completion, and yes, "every month" includes this one.

  • * Zapster Solitaire 0.8: A card game based on the standard 52-card deck. It's mostly luck-based, but there is a limited-use mechanic to keep you interested.
  • * Random Bookmark: A Firefox extension to pick a bookmark at random from a chosen folder and open it.
  • Yin-Yang It (this name may change): An arcade game that has you controlling the two dots of the Yin-Yang symbol simultaneously.
  • Wackyland v2: A truly mobile-friendly Wacky Theater with a new cartoon, plus the new location Wacky Labs, where humor is not just art, but SCIENCE!
  • Zapster Solitaire 1.0: Zapster Solitaire 0.8 + audio + original artwork for Jacks, Queens, and Kings.
  • Signs of Life v2: Many new puzzles (most of which will require payment), an easy way to compare scores with friends, and vastly-improved presentation will make Signs of Life a much more impressive game.

September 1 update: Wow, that plan worked out fantabulously, didn’t it, Internet? Eh, I’m still going to have five of the above out by the end of the year, just on a slightly denser release schedule.

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