An RPG Character Am I

So apparently this is an unusual RPG, where at the very least I have complete freedom to define what a level-up is. Okay, then. I know one world where I can be a player character, and that, unsurprisingly, is the world of video game development.

There are many skills game developers can level up in. Besides the obvious ones of game design and programming, one can level up in music, a number of graphics styles in 2D and 3D, storytelling, and so forth. Pixel, the developer of Cave Story, seems to have built himself into a powerful and well-rounded character.

My own stats? Programming and user interface design and quite high, I would say. I’d say I’m pretty darn good at composing music, but I’ve yet to get much experience in a mechanism that would let other people hear it, making my effective stat very low. Game design… probably low at this point, as I’ve had very little feedback on what I’ve made. (I really need to complete something in a timely manner for Art 108.)

So that’s my character in the world of game design. My Art 108 instructor apparently needs me to have a character in the world of spies. Outside of video games (where there is a comfortable distance between myself and my avatar in the game world), I would hate to play anyone who isn’t a mellow pacifist, like myself. It’s hard to see what place such a character would have in a spy game; hopefully, something can be worked out.

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