Twitter’s character limit annoys me

And I don’t even have a Twitter account.

Twitter’s 140-character limit is so darn short and so darn inflexible that it makes every character count. Authors have to revise their posts mercilessly to squeeze in under the limit* and use URLs that completely mask their destination**. If what they’re saying won’t fit into one tweet and they’re unwilling to chop any further, they’ll split it into two, and since newer tweets are shown first this becomes something akin to Ahead Stop.

However, Twitter serves an attractive purpose – it’s great for things that you don’t want to dedicate a “full post”, such as a blog entry, to. I wish my fellow netizens used/had something better to make these “minor posts”. Delicious works fine, but only if your “minor post” exists for the purpose of sharing a link. Facebook seems good for any purpose, but suffers from its own unique problems***.

The Internet is always incrementally improving, and I’m sure our dream site will arrive some day… However, with numerous sites that are flawed, but “work” nonetheless, it’s going to take a while.

* I have a taste of this – I’ve written signatures for forums that had a sig char limit of 255.
** Unless the destination is using rel=”shortlink” and the author is using a tool that supports this. I’ve yet to see a tweet where this happened. Sometimes an author will go out of their way to use a short URL that the destination offered in some other fashion.
*** My pet peeve is that I can’t be Pikadude No. 1; Facebook insists on a real name. I’ll leave it to other nerds to rant about their respect for privacy.

One thought on “Twitter’s character limit annoys me

  1. I still say you need to join Facebook. That is where the rest of the Davis Family is hanging out and there is stuff to do there besides play games.
    Use Moose Harrigan. I won’t mind.

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