Konnichiwa, me-san!

So I read Iwata Asks – Rhythm Heaven, and what sprang to my mind almost immediately was “Holy cow… Kazuyoshi Osawa is a lot like me”. My Internet friends probably have no idea what I’m talking about, because I behave rather differently online, but take my word for it: In the meat-o-sphere, Kazuyoshi and I have a lot in common. Nervous, not very good at communication, self-conscious, strong-minded, but multi-talented and wanting to have fun with whatever we do. It strengthens my hope for my own future when I see what sorts of things Kazuyoshi has accomplished in spite of himself, and especially what sorts of people he’s gotten to work with him and support him. Wouldn’t you love to have a teammate who sends you pictures of kittens when you’re feeling down? 😀

I’m going to have to get my own copy of Rhythm Heaven. It’ll be neat to see what someone like me has done.

Speaking of multi-talented, my future as a vector graphics artist on deviantART is seeming more and more likely the more I use Inkscape. I never really enjoyed drawing using MS Paint, Multimedia Fusion, the GIMP, or meat-o-sphere products, but drawing with Inkscape is kind of… fun. Possibly because everything I draw is easily adjustable, so I can do away with any imperfections niggling at me without having to erase a lot of stuff and start over. Perhaps I was meant to be a full deviant; I’ve even got a clear picture of an OC sitting in my head.

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